Let there be beds

Sep 26, 2016

Abandoning the children with my mum, Andrew and I made a sneaky trip to view the Cairngorms, breathe in the Abernethy forest and . . . build beds at Braenedin.

View from cottage Bunk beds Bed assembly

6 hours later we had 2 king size beds, 2 singles and a bunk bed assembled. Plus we squeezed in a delicious dinner at Andersons in Boat of Garten to celebrate that we were still talking to each other.

Decking with a view  Open views

I hadn't been to the house since the summer and I was blown away. AW Laing and the expert tradesmen have done an amazing job but more admiration for them in a separate post.

Self catering cottage here we come.

Self catering interior Tea time Shower room

We have flooring, fitted appliances, working bathrooms, heat (plus a NASA airsource control room), hot water... all the mod cons! Next time we'll bring mugs.

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