And we're back again

Aug 10, 2021

It was great to have some returning guests from May, when the guidelines changed, as well as visitors who had shifted their holidays from last year.

Snippets from the guestbook below show how much everyone was delighted to be somewhere new; and Braenedin, the Spey Valley and the Cairngorms didn't disappoint. We love reading these for loads of reasons; they give us a warm glow, to check what wildlife has been spotted and getting new ideas for walks or activities to try.


We had a few visitors while we were there in July and they were all special but these two were pretty awesome. Though perhaps we were the visitors to their patch! We were mindful that, although they look magnificent and quite cute when they are eating nuts, they are predators. Not sure the birds are keen on their presence. 




Here are some of the latest reviews.



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